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FORTIFY is a Security Management Solutions Provider. We are Consultants who can advise you on choosing the right mix of technological security solutions, environmental design concepts, and human personnel, according to the risks that your home/office/any other establishment may have. We pride ourselves on giving Customized solutions to every clients, because we sincerely believe that when it comes to security, one size does not fit all.
Broadly speaking, we provide three types of services: Security Risk Analysis; Customized Consultancy services; and, Training/Workshops. You can choose either one, or more. Please proceed to the Services Section to know in detail about our deliverables. Alternately, let's chat on 9930136932 or drop us a line on to discuss your requirements in detail.
Since we provide Customized solutions, the time frame will depend (and vary) on a project-to-project basis.
The costing will also be dependent on the requirements and deliverables of each project.
If the client feels the need for it, we can certainly do so
The choice is entirely up to the client. We can have a one-time contract, or an on-going one, depending on the client's requirements. If the contract is an on-going one, we can provide periodical audits and training of the human security personnel at very reasonable costs, to make sure that your investment in the security systems is giving you optimum output.
In such a scenario, FORTIFY can certainly help in advising whether you have employed the right mix and types of personnel and security systems to cover all the risks. We can also advise on the lacunas, if any. In addition, we can conduct periodical audits and/or training of the human security personnel, to make sure that your investment in the security systems is giving you optimum output.
FORTIFY believes that security of oneself and our dear ones, starts in our mind. Our mantra regarding security is 'be proactive rather than reactive'. Risks, crimes and criminals never wait for anything. While we do have very able protection agencies in the society, we can approach them only 'after' a crime occurs. But, FORTIFY believes in not letting crime and criminals touch you at all – at least, to a major extent. Thus, our workshops, which are tailor-made to suit different types of groups, aim to provide simple, practical solutions about how we can immunize ourselves against the changing nature of threats and criminals that are growing cleverer by the day. To know more, please connect with us on 9930136932 or drop us a line on

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