acts as a bridge
present and future-oriented
security systems and consumers,
by offering practical solutions

The mission statement

The mission of Fortify is to empower its clients in creating a safe and secure
home and work environment to live and to prosper.

Fortify is a security management solutions provider

A highly-sought after concept in the West, security management solutions is a yet untapped but highly required service in India, where the nature of risks has gone beyond being containable via the 'guards and guns model'.

A brainchild of Lt. Col. Omar S. Pathare (retd.), CSMP® , M.ISMI®, FORTIFY provides tailor-made solutions for making residential, commercial and public spaces safe, secure and protected from all kinds of possible risks.

We conduct thorough risk assessment surveys to etch out a 'Customized ' security-management programme using the appropriate mix of technological hardware, procedures and personnel.

The solutions provided by FORTIFY are based on the principle of ALARP aka 'as low as reasonably practicable', to equip the client with a long-term security management plan, without needing to over-spend for the same.

Why do We Exist

An individual's personal well-being
and an organisation's professional
health is much dependent on the
containment of the risks that
threaten to debilitate these two
important factors.


Prosperity and profitability go
hand-in-hand with apt security
However, many times, we see
security plans being managed in a
haphazard way, thus giving incorrect
or incomplete results.


This is where FORTIFY steps in to
bring you customized, proactive
security management solutions, to
help you and your organization be
better prepared for tackling any
potential risks and threats.


FORTIFY is an expert solutions
provider, which acts as a bridge
between technological security
systems and the consumers.

FORTIFY helps you choose the perfect security systems and approach, as per your real requirements, so that all your security needs are addressed in an effective and cost-relevant manner.

How can we help You?